White Extension Cords-The Challenge Of Keeping Them Clean

Cami Adhesive RemoverTop line tenting companies know that attention to detail is what sets them apart from the competition. Spending money on a specialized item like white extension cords to blend in with white tents is a big expense, and long term life is important.

Unfortunately, the white jackets on these cables are subject to scuffing and dirt. Keeping them clean is important and can extend their lives.

Normally, most dirt can be cleaned off with mild soap, warm water and a clean rag. The sooner the dirt is removed, the easier it will come off and the less like it will be that the jacket will be permanently stained.

Storing cables when they are wet can cause mold to develop on the cables. Again, soap and water will usually get the job done, but additional care must be taken when handling anything that involves mold.

Tougher stains require some sort of solvent. We recommend Cami Citrus Adhesive Remover.

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