Long Term Storage

White extension cord from Goodbuyguys.com

Some extension cords you use almost every day. Others get used once a year.

I am talking about holiday decorating. All those cords that are stuffed in the attic or stowed in the garage for 11 months a year.

Time doesn’t stand still, and if you want to insure that they are still safe and usable for next year’s holidays they need to be stored properly.

How you coil them has a lot to do with how long they will last. Work out the kinks and remove all knots now. Don’t give them a chance to get stiff.

If you store them in spaces that rodents have access to, make sure that they are in rat and squirrel-proof containers. These animals need to constantly sharpen their teeth and they love to use rubber insulation to take care of this.

Make repairs now. You will probably forget what needs to be repaired by next year and you may overlook a critical fix and create a fire or shock danger.

Last of call, keep them away from direct sunlight. UV rays can break down the jacket and cause the insulation to crack, dramatically shortening the life of the cable.

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