Is Gaffers Tape The Solution?

Extension cord repair is a common “do it yourself” job, and, if done properly, you can extend the life of an expensive extension cord.

Do it incorrectly, and you can burn down a much more expensive house.

Cloth tapes, like gaffers tape, are great for securing cables to the floor to prevent trip hazards, but they are not good for repairing damaged or frayed cables. Cloth tapes are not intended to proved electrical insulation and, while they may be water resistant, they are not water proof. That means that they can create shock hazards, even if there are not any conductors actually exposed.

For repairing extension cords, you need UL approved vinyl electrical tape. This type of tape both provides a good insulator and also can create a waterproof bond that keeps the cable from shorting out or causing a shock hazard.

For even better, more permanent results, use a silicone fusing tape. This type of tape creates a bond that won’t work loose over time and one that completely seals out moisture.

If you aren’t confident that you understand how to correctly repair the jacket of a damaged extension cord, it is best to discard and replace.

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