A Timely Reminder

The holidays are a time of year when extension cords that stay in the garage all year long make their annual appearance.

It is also the time to make sure that those cables are in good condition. That requires a thorough inspection.

Extension cords that are stored in garages, barns or sheds are subject to a particular kind of damage that may be hard to see.

Mice and other rodents need to constantly sharpen their teen in order to be able to feed on hard seeds and other dried food.

Chewing on the jackets of extension cords is a way for mice to sharpen their teeth, and a cord that was in good shape when it was put into storage last year may not be in the same condition now.

Check the cable carefully for chewed, torn or frayed insulation, and if you find that that has happened, dispose of the cable.

The jacket doesn’t need to be cut through to bare conductors in order to be dangerous. Thinner than specified insulation can create a fire hazard even if bare wire is not exposed.

Take a minute before you start decorating to be sure that your cables are in good shape. If in doubt, it’s time to replace.

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