Extension Cord Safety

Unplug cords whenever they are not in use.
-Extension cords continue to be energized even when nothing is plugged into the outlet.

Never use a damaged extension cord.
-Damaged cable jackets can expose you to an un-insulated electrical conductor.

Buy extension cords with outlet covers whenever possible.
-Always close covers on any unused outlets, especially when used out doors.

Never modify the blade shape on extension cord connects.
-Some extension cords have dissimilar blades on the connectors to assure they are plugged into electrical outlets correctly.

Do not force plugs into outlets that don’t fit easily.
-Older model electrical outlets may not accept the plugs of new extension cords. Replace these older wall outlets with updated outlets.

Do not cover extension cords with rugs.
-Extension cords will become hot when used beyond their rated capacity. This could create a safety hazard.

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