Don’t “Underestimate” LED Lighting Power Needs


Lots of decorators, tent companies and florists welcomed the broad acceptance of LED lighting for temporary special event production.

They like all the new looks that were now possible, but they loved best is the dramatic decrease in necessary electrical power. Low power demand LEDs mean that you can get by with a lot less power and that means you can use lighter gauge, less expensive extension cords.

That may be true if you are going to actually staff the event. If your event is in “set it and forget” it mode, then you have no control over who might also be tapping into your power source by using your cable.

The band, the photographers, the caterers, etc. etc. all use power and you can never be sure that they aren’t going to grab an unused outlet in your cable to power something in their setup, something much less efficient than your LED candles or down lights.

Once they do, if the cable is too small it can quickly overheat and lead to real problems.

Even if power distribution for other vendors is not your responsibility, you can expect to have to answer some tough questions when the tent burns down.
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